Socrates 's The On The Earth And The Things Beneath The Planet Essay

Socrates 's The On The Earth And The Things Beneath The Planet Essay

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Then the accusation of heresy or studying the Heavens and the things beneath the earth is questionable all within itself for Socrates depicts himself as a very religious man. Indeed, at one point during the trial, Socrates calls upon the Athenians god at Delphi as his witness. In our present day, we would call Socrates fanatical for this rather fantastic claim. However, the Athenians beliefs were such that Delphic Oracle prophesized through the god Apollo and it was customary to visit these great authorities when troubled and looking for answers. Cherephone, a friend of Socrates made such a trip to Delphi and questioned the oracle whether there was anyone wiser than Socrates and ‘the priestess replied that there was no one,’ (Plato, 1966, p. 49). As luck would have it, Cherephone had passed away and could not share his account before the jury. Cherephone’s brother stepped forward to take his place because he was a third party witness to the incident.
Socrates advises the jury that he was probably more surprised than anyone present upon hearing Cherephone share what the oracle claimed. He shared with the jury how he mused over the information for a brief while and then decided to investigate its validity. Socrates surmised that god was god after all and the oracle could not lie. Therefore he sought to question the wisest men only to find that they were not wise at all. He explains how he questioned politicians and wise men who thought they were wise but in fact found they did not know anything at all. He attempted to show them their flaws in thinking however this was met with resentment and anger. Therefore he continued to question one person after another until he realized he was making himself extremely unpopular and only...

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... …..This, I do assure you, is what my God commands… and whether you acquit me or not;……. not even if I have to die a hundred deaths (Plato, 1966, pp. 61-62).
Socrates is executed for the charges brought against him proving that the human nature of the tyrannical few is vindictive, petty and sinful. He never made one plea of mercy but rather with his head held high followed his beliefs and convictions. He faced his accusers and stated, “….It seems astonishing to me how you ever could have been convinced that I had committed an act meriting death” (Stone, 1989, p. 187). Although Socrates knew the danger was real, it is as if he preferred death to submission (Stone, 1989, p. 54). Therefore, he endorsed the embodiment of courage and quality of spirit that enables you to face danger without showing fear and stood by his values. He made a conscious choice and stood by it.

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