Socrates 's Influence On The Society

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Socrates has been considered an influential philosopher all throughout history. He used critical thinking to analyze life and created a socratic way of thinking. While Socrates was an important figure in history, Jesus Christ was also a major leader that changed the world with the introduction of Christianity. While analyzing these two men through comparing and contrasting, there are significant similarities and differences regarding their teachings, trial and punishment, and their overall impact on the society. Socrates was a man that was always learning. Even though he had taught many students in his lifetime, he himself viewed himself as a student. In Euthyphro, Socrates converses with Euthyphro and continuously asks him to establish the meaning of impiety and piety (Plato 6). Although Socrates is the teacher, he learns from him by asking questions trying to make him sociologically mindful. He takes his words and directs it in an opposite direction making his students think deeper into the meaning of his first questions. For example when talking about impiety and piety Socrates states, “And what do you say of piety, Euthyphro: is not piety, according to your definition, loved by all the gods?” (Plato 10). While Socrates is merely talking with Euthyphro, he is trying to make him understand that he is being ignorant from his knowledge. Jesus, on the other hand, was a simple and humble man that taught by using stories and lessons to get his messages and preachings across. He was gentle and understanding in the way that he taught. He was never cruel and never talked down to any of his listeners when teaching his knowledge. When people began to doubt the belief of God, Jesus never acted out against them but sat them down and told... ... middle of paper ... ...ocrates’s trial story is one of many that will carry on throughout history. A few of his great words are “For if you kill me you will not easily find another like me, who, if I may use such a ludicrous figure of speech, am a sort of gadfly, given to the state by the God.” (Plato 31). Jesus’s stories will also stay relevant in today 's society with the help of the Holy Bible. The major differences between these two men and their stories is, Socrates was not a religious man. Socrates today is still considered an influential philosopher. His socratic thinking and his teachings are still relevant today. Jesus Christ, as well, had many trying times in his life. He was the beginning of Christianity and made a substantial impact on society. Both men man have differences but both men died for what they believe in and that is why they are still important in today 's society.

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