Socrates 's Defense Of His Actions Essay

Socrates 's Defense Of His Actions Essay

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1. Socrates was charged and eventually put to death for corrupting the youth. What was his defense of his actions? Do you think that his defense of his actions was adequate? (In other words, had you been on the jury, would you have voted in favor of Socrates or against him?) Defend your position.
Socrates was told by the oracle that no man is wiser than him, as a result, he went around searching for someone who confronts the oracle 's logic. Unfortunately, those he thought possessed a greater wisdom were not in fact wise and he informed them of this. He gained many enemies in the process; however, somewhere along the line he realised that what God was telling him was "The wisest man is the one who, like Socrates, knows that his wisdom is in truth worth nothing." His defense during trial was that he considered it his duty to question supposed "wise" men, and to expose their false wisdom as ignorance.
If I were a jury member in Socrates trial, I would have voted against Socrates. I say this because If I were to place myself in that time period, I, like others would have felt as though Socrates was going against all the morals and beliefs society put in place. People of that time had very strict ideals of God and what he expected of them, so it is understandable why they had such negative feeling towards the one man who challenged those ideals. If someone were to tell me everything that I believe and know is false, and that I am not wise I wouldn 't take it so well neither. However on the contrary, with consideration of todays logic, it is quite absurd to execute someone simply because they possess different views from you. In todays society there exists the freedom of expression and religion and in Socrates defense, he did n...

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...ification of a proposition, but A Priori knowledge has a greater risk of being proven invalid. I personally would prefer A Posterior Knowledge because then I am more certain and better informed of the answer to the question at hand. Philosophers depend more on A Posterior knowledge because, it is more reliable then reason alone. A priori is prior to experience but logical while A Posteriori is after experience with proof. Facts run the world, without A Posterior knowledge a lot of assumptions could be made of off our reason alone, which in some cases just isn 't enough for justification. Could it be said that A Priori knowledge is previously stored A Posteriori knowledge? What I mean by this is for instance, Someone may say rain falls from the sky and it has done this every time I witnessed it, so is it fair to say that it willfall from the sky next time it rains?

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