Socrates And Other Philosophers Of The Past Essay

Socrates And Other Philosophers Of The Past Essay

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Gentlemen of the council, I have come to you with my proposal for the painting you have advertized that you want completed. I spent many years studying Plato, Socrates and other great philosophers of the past. I believe that this knowledge will allow me to be successful in bringing these philosophers to life in the painting. I have also been studying under Alberti for the duration of my professional career. I have been heavily influenced by him and his art and plan to follow by his example and paint in the “new style” he popularized. I believe this will be the most effective way to achieve my goal of creating an art piece that viewers can immerse themselves in. I want to create something that connects us to past so that the past may live on through us.
My intention in my painting is to depict a scene from Plato’s Republic. I intend to paint Glaucon, Cephalus, Socrates, Thrasymachus, Polermarchus, and Adeimantus pausing in a clearing of a dense forest. Socrates will be speaking to the men regarding the ideal society Kallipolis. Around the men will be trees colored red, yellow, green...

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