Sociology : Theories, Variables, And Measurement Essay

Sociology : Theories, Variables, And Measurement Essay

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Quinton Harris

There are three ways to do sociology. The first way to do it is positivist sociology. The study of society based on systematic observation of social behavior. There are three important components the concepts, variables, and measurement. Sociologists use concepts to identify elements of society. A concept is a mental construct that represents a part of the world. A variable is a concept whose value changes from case to case. Measurement is the process of determining the value of a variable in a specific case. Sociological variables, however, can be measured in many different ways. This form of sociology is relatively based on science. This is one of the strengths of using this sociology and why most use this method. The only bad part about just using science with your data is even though it is right, having someone’s view point of the situation could help your research be ten times better. When using science in your data your data will be very accurate. Most of the information that is being collected is used through science. When we are taking and getting our observation being careful and specific is very important. Reason being because of the reliability and the consistency in the measurement. Also, another problem is validity or known as the quality of measuring precisely what one intends to measure. One of the good things about this sociology is that it allows you to find the process of cause and effect. This is when one variable causes an effect or change in another variable, known as the independent and dependent variables. This is a difficult process when they determine the cause and effect. They have troubles some times because a variable may change another but not be the one that causes it. W...

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...o it when you might get human error when you can have a computer do it for you.

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