Essay about Sociology : The Study Of Human Behavior And Relationships

Essay about Sociology : The Study Of Human Behavior And Relationships

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When I first began this course, I had many questions about what to expect. I was wondering how sociology was different from and similar to other disciplines. I started learning how to define sociology almost immediately and I developed a better understanding of how sociological concepts can be observed easily within our society. I learned that sociological concepts and theories are readily on display in almost every setting. Upon opening the textbook, I learned that sociology is the study of human behavior and relationships. Sociological theories are ever present and if you can observe people with a degree of understanding, you are likely to see these concepts at work. Human beings are social by nature and there is much to be learned about the interactions between them.
Societies are complex and are created by many different influences. Societies are formed when people are categorized and form into groups based on a variety of factors. They are sorted by class, culture, gender, race, common interests, age and many other factors too numerous to list. People don’t have to be like minded or in harmony with one another or each other’s ideals to be classified as part of the same society. Societies are made up of many different groups with different interests and categorizations. The textbook sums it up perfectly and explains that over time, social interaction creates social organization: groups, formal organizations, communities, and societies (Charon and Vigilant 67). Societies are comprised of groups created by many diverse groups coming together to create a larger unit.
The concept of culture has come into much clearer focus for me since taking this class. Culture can be defined as a feeling amongst member of a group ...

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...d by my own experience and in many cases I abandon or tweak the view my parents instilled. I am sure that I will do the same to my own children as this is how human nature works.
We all exist as individuals first and foremost, but an essential component of sociology is the understanding that people are social and can’t exist without interaction from others. We have the ability to listen to our own thoughts and imagine conversations and anticipate responses from others. We have the ability to distance ourselves from others but we cannot enjoy the entire human experience if we are not social and do not interact and play off of others. Even a recluse is part of a larger society, whether he seeks to be or not. As individuals, we create primary groups, larger groups, communities and eventually societies. We are all part of a larger unit, whether we want to be or not.

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