Sociology Principles of College

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Sociology in Familiar Places: Expectations

Norms are found in all societies. Colleges are subcultures. There is a specific way of doing things and all campuses are different. Everyone has expectations on how college life will be and the standards that come with it.
“More than a wish or a hope, an expectation is something a student believes will happen, anticipates doing or experiencing. Expectations are grounded in a student's self-understanding and in knowledge about the college or university at which he or she plans to spend the next four years or more.” This superior justification of what a college student foresees by Robert Gonyea, really depicts what a scholar looks forward to in his or her college years. When expectations are applied to the student it is treated as a plan or a goal. However, when intended for the institution, it is looked upon as an obligation. There are so many ideas one thinks of when starting a new chapter in life. Some occasional deliberations include parties, freedom, higher workload, dating, and leaving the comfort zone of high school. In reality, many of these things don’t change, while others alter significantly.
A typical expectation of the college life is more freedom in choice. Classes are taken upon his or her own schedule. Everyone, besides getting the general education out
of the way, has a decision of what classes to take. Classes begin focusing on the career being pursued, rather than faculty and school regulations. The possibilities are endless in college. This is what created the saying, “You can be anything you want to be.” This has been said a million times and will be heard a million more. With this newfound freedom of choice comes responsibility.
“Ditching class” has now become something of the past. Unlike high school, classes cost money. Paying for education makes it to where the people who actually want to be there will be, rather than idlers that are there only by force. No one cares if you skip class. Everything, including the grade, is up to the student. Although half the time, professors rarely even take role, missing one class can result in not understanding the newt two weeks worth of work or more. Choose to go to class or not, but if not, the student is paying to fail a class.
Goals should be set to avoid skipping of classes. "To maximize learning and involvement during the first year of college, students need to set personal goals that are high enough so that they must try their best in classes and use campus resources to augment what they are learning in their classes.

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” Goals aren’t anything new, yet now they are altered. By normal student expectation goals normally contain things such as actually staying through a whole class, or truly reading when it’s assigned. With experience, it is now proven that goals aren’t just a state of mind. In certainty, they can lead to success or failure. When the expectations or goals are not met, students consider dropping out and lessening their personal value.
A big expectation every new college student has is the parties. Partying becomes an every weekend ritual, sometimes even during the week. In reality, unless actually away living at the college, parties really do not happen as much as they did in high school. Parties used to be a significance of popularity. Only the coolest kids went to certain parties. College campuses are way too large. It is impossible to know everyone at a college. The status once obtained, is now ripped from a person. No one cares if you were the star jock, the homecoming queen, or the geek being stuffed into lockers. People become equal. This is a good thing, yet at the same time is difficult to break free of the comfort high school zone.
Along with the parties comes the dating. Everyone knew one another in high school. If someone dated someone else it was known and post break-up was off limits to any of his or her friends. No one necessarily got to know one another, rather people learned about someone through someone else’s experience. In college all that work has to be done alone. Anyone who is single and seems interesting is fair game. Although, this may seem easier, working up the courage to talk to that new person is intimidating at times.
Many people have blurred vision of college life sometimes. Classes only occur two, maybe three times at the most during a week. Because of this, students feel they have way more time to get things accomplished. In reality this provides an innuendo for procrastination. A class will get forgotten about or pushed aside because hey, there’s always the next day to do it. That one extra day goes by quick between hanging out with friends, sleeping all extra hours that are possible, and indubitably the rage of “myspace”
has taken over hours of people’s time as well. With these distractions, not having class every day really doesn’t count for anything.
College is a stepping-stone among many others. It’s statistically one of the highest time periods for change. Expectations can at times exceed reality. The only concrete way of dealing with this is with careful planning and goal setting. Staying focused can undeniably affect the success of each individual’s college experience and their realistic expectations of the norms.

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