Essay about The Sociology Of Work And Career

Essay about The Sociology Of Work And Career

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The ‘sociology of work and career’ module has exposed us to a range of career development theories that have exercised our sociological knowledge. It has enabled us to use ‘theoretical triangulation’ to apply such theories to our own career development and in ways predict what we could be facing after completing university. This report shall illustrate some examples of career theories studied this term, along with an account of ways in which my personal career development can be associated.

In recent times the meaning of work is characteristically linked with paid employment. Nevertheless, work can also be significant through unpaid, cooperative, collective, familial and individuated roles. Edgell (2006) offers insight into the transformation of work by acknowledging the evolution of human society. Firstly was the period of ‘hunter-gatherers’. This period used collective and co-operative methods to hunt animals for food as a means of survival. Even during these early years, gender segregation existed as males hunted for food while the female prepared it. This notion is still relevant within the world of work today as expressed by Stangleman & Warren (2008). Males are considered to possess ‘strength/domination’ while females hold ‘weakness/subordination’ (Strangleman & Warren 2008; 153-158). These stigmatised qualities specific to gender-types are what reinforce gender seclusion within society.

Next was the period of ‘horticulture’ that was based upon ‘the cultivation of plants’ and the ‘domestication of animals’ (Edgell 2006; 3). This form of work saw the introduction of metal tools such as the ‘hoe’ that improved production. It also saw the rise of inequality with the emergence of aristocratic figures such as warriors and rel...

... middle of paper ... take time out of work, I would be fulfilling a role as a mother. However, society would deem me as ‘out of work’ because I am not fulfilling an economic role in favor of corporations. This could explain statistics behind why women are less likely than men to be employed full-time in their early 30s due to caring responsibilities, as primarily women are still holding the domesticated role (Equality and Human Rights Commission 2015).

Through analysis of career theory it is evident that social class and gender segregation appears as a dominant issue. I have a choice to either conform to these standards, or attempt to find alternative options to go against them within my career development. I hope to not base my successes solely on economic work roles, as achievements can also be made through familial, individuated and unpaid work roles that are just as gratifying.

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