Essay on Sociology Interview

Essay on Sociology Interview

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In my interview I chose my girlfriend's neighbor. Hector is of Mexican decent and he is here because in Meigs county the produce fields hire Mexican laborers on worker permits. Hector started out doing this then he became the boss about five years ago and received his green card and now is an American and can speak very good English. He explained to me that in Mexico there is no age when you can start working so there are young boys working at six to ten years old to help support his needy family. He also stated that women do not usually work they are only aloud to go to the village markets and get goods for their family's and raise there many children. I asked about minimum wage and he kinda laughed and said some teens and men who work are lucky to get a dollar an hour, but he said the people who are lucky enough to get to do what he got to do make there family's a lot of money. He said when he started coming to America to work he was picked like a lottery pick because there are only so many jobs for little positions he and his entire family was dirt poor, but now he said his family is the richest in the village. He said that he has also got to move all of his immediate family to America.
The first question that I asked was "In Mexico how old are post people when they get there first job"? He said that in his village it all depended on how needy the family's were. He said that most family's in his village we the same income so the male children got jobs when they were very young like ages six to ten. I was curious so I asked "if they work do they...

... middle of paper ... went from making $6.50 an hour to $19.00 an hour to overlook what he once was. I learned from doing this paper exactly how hard people outside of America had it because we have every opportunity to become something great without having to do much because he have to go to school and we have all kinds of government funding to go to college and no other country in the world has that. Americans also have the ability to make all kinds of money in there field of study and in Mexico if you are not born into the money you will not have it unless something major happens. Also in America we have unions to fight for what we as workers deserve and the benefits that we receive. Americans may not like each other sometime but we all agree that you should receive all the benefits and the money deserving of the job you do.

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