Sociology As A Social Science Essay

Sociology As A Social Science Essay

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1. Sociology is a study of groups, societies and their interactions, social behavior, including its origins, development, organization, networks and institution. It seeks to increase human understanding of the way the social world works. Like anthropology or economics, even sociology is a social science, but helps us understand the social forces that affect our behavior, beliefs and life chances. Sociology as a social science focuses heavily on systematic research following the rules of scientific method. Sociologists come up with theories and answers to the behavioral patterns of the society and its impacts which leads to a sole reason why sociology is a science. Sociologists use two different research methods such as:
• Quantitative Method: Here the “quantity” word defines something that can be counted. It seeks to confirm hypotheses about the phenomena using highly structured methods such as questionnaires, surveys, and structured observation. Quantifies variation, predicts casual relationships and has a close- ended question format. Follows a numerical data format obtained by assigning numerical values to responses. The study design is stable from beginning to end and is subject to statistical assumptions and conditions. Example: “How many African- Americans live in cities?” or “What is the number of children living in foster homes?” But its drawbacks include inflexibility.
• Qualitative Method: This method generates non- numerical data and focuses on use of semi- structured methods such as in- depth interviews, focus groups, and participant observations. It asks questions like ‘why’ and ‘how’ seeks to explore phenomena. It describes variation, individual experiences, explains relationships and has an open- ended question form...

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...d highly discriminating. The blue-eyed people got to experience how the brown-eyed people have felt over the years as victims of discrimination on their complexion. During her experiment, Jane Elliot violated the research ethics by insulting and humiliating the participants in the crowd which left a prolonged psychological and emotional damaging effect on the participants. Stress was also detected from the simulation. Due to the personal negative comments the participants received from Jane Elliot, they began to question about who they are and if they are good and moral as people. Costs did outweigh the benefits as it was a short-term experiment and people came to know that they were under simulation. The pitfalls of the experiment were that many people did leave the experiment in between due to frustration and the observations for those participants was unanswered.

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