Sociological Theory And The Social World Essay

Sociological Theory And The Social World Essay

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Theories strive to explain how things work and thus sociological theory tries to describe how the social world functions. According to Calhoun, the social world consists of behaviors, interactions, as well as patterns of social organization amongst humans even though some would contend that the sociology of organized nonhuman animals is also possible (Calhoun 37). The sociological theory focuses more on the interactions and organization than behavior, essentially; however, the interactions are interpersonal behaviors that build patterns of social organization. Therefore, even though organization and interaction are subject matters of most theories, most theories, have traces of human behavior with emphasis on social organization and interaction.
Theories are built from ideas, and generally, ideas denote a phenomenon, which means they get rid of certain worldly features that are considered important. Examples of sociological concepts (ideas) include role, status, power, interaction, production, norm, and socialization (Calhoun 38). These concepts embrace social world aspects that are normally considered essential. Concepts that build theories have a special feature: they attempt to communicate an even meaning to those who use them. Additionally, they reveal abstractness. Abstractness is manifested in phenomena that do not relate to concrete time and location. As a discipline, sociology emerged from a series of debates between philosophers and scientists that begun in the Enlightenment period. The intellects debated on the nature and origins of human societies, more specifically what societies are, how they function, the relationship between the society and individuals, and about social change. The debates did not result in a shared...

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..., but nonetheless remain imperative for the perpetrator. The perpetrator may have to acknowledge guilt through penance, accompanied by an acceptance of punishment. Non-recidivism could be the key to regaining status, but could be extremely challenging to demonstrate since the chance of resuming the role has been restricted. Factors that may sway favor towards the perpetrator include varied criteria for various judges and possibly time (Schwartz).
In conclusion, degradation may be fair or unfair, but if it follows from an unexamined pre-judgment, it becomes inherently unfair. Sociological theories develop from the need to find solutions to existing theoretical problems, and explain and validate the solutions other hypotheses may be introduced. The ethnomethodology theory can be used to explain empirical phenomena such as the degradation ceremonies of everyday life.

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