Sociological Scavenger Hunt : Item 5 Essay

Sociological Scavenger Hunt : Item 5 Essay

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Sociological Scavenger Hunt: Item 5
Objectification of women and misogyny is a common trend in song lyrics, but it is often socially accepted and further perpetuated. Finding a song in which the roles are reversed and a woman depicts a man as a sex object is incredibly difficult because when women try to break norms in the music industry, they are often criticized. In “Blah Blah Blah” by Kesha, she reverses the typical gender roles in song lyrics by objectifying men. Kesha has her own struggles within the male-dominated music industry because her producer sexually abused her and trapped her into a record deal. However, Kesha lost her court case, which illuminates gender issues within the music industry and the larger society. In 2010 when Kesha’s songs were popular, people weren’t aware of her battle with her producer. Instead, her lyrics classified her as more of a party figure and people even saw her as “trashy.” This song portrays the excessive double standard because Kesha was criticized for intentionally reversing gender roles, while it is still nearly impossible to find song lyrics in which a female artist unintentionally reverses gender roles. Kesha breaking gender norms portrays how gender socialization and rape culture has led to male artists often portraying females as sex objects instead of female artists portraying men as sex objects.
Gender socialization explains how women are commonly depicted as sex objects in songs instead of men. Biologically through gender essentialism, women give birth and are automatically associated with taking care of the household in society. However, most of the other gender stereotypes are perpetuated through gender socialization. People claim that men are biologically more aggressive, b...

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...spects of products. For example, Secret and Axe deodorants can easily be found at almost any store, while gender neutral deodorants require searching in order to find them, In addition, gender neutral deodorants tend to be more expensive. Malin + Goetz deodorant is typically sold for $20, while Secret deodorant and Axe deodorant typically range from $3 to $4. However, women’s deodorants can often cost more than men’s deodorants due to their packaging (Edmonds). This contributes to gender inequality because in addition to the wage gap, women often have to pay more for products such as health items. The convenience of the gendered health products such as deodorants mainly supports the social construction of gender because it has the individual consequence of pressuring people to fit into a specific gender category and follow the norms and behaviors associated with it.

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