Sociological Reason That Gender, Race And Age Discrimination Will Occur Essay

Sociological Reason That Gender, Race And Age Discrimination Will Occur Essay

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Some sociological reason that gender, race and age discrimination will occur in America society is because of prejudice, racial stereotyping and racism. When thinking about discrimination the first thing that would come to a person’s mind is segregation. Discrimination is treatment or consideration of making distinction in favor of or against, a person, group or class. When gender is a part of discrimination it deals with the male or female humans not being good enough for something. Discriminating a person’s race deals with the person ethnicity, to judge because of your skin color can be very degrading to a person. When you are not accepted because of your age it makes a person feel devalue, even when that person has the credentials for that job or career. It does not feels good to be discriminated against, and it hurts even more when the discrimination is something you cannot change or control about yourself. The American dream is to have all of your desires meet, and being in a country that will allow you to do so, and something stop you like the color of your skin or your gender or even age it does something to your self-esteem. To anticipated or discriminate can lead to adaptions that intensify initial effects when being judged on your race, age and gender.
When a person is discriminated against because of their race it immediately affects that person behavior. Racial prejudice has a rich history of racial stereotypes. For ,example white American people would stereotype African American people by stating that they are lazy ,violence –prone and welfare –dependent, then they say the Hispanics people are poor, unintelligent and unpatriotic (smith ,1991). When people decides to stereotype other groups of people it hurts that co...

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...sues of discrimination in disparate treatment or disparate impact. While being labeled as diversity initiatives (Winterle 1992). Diversity initiatives is an organization strategic response to diversity. The initiatives looks into the internal and external needs of the organization that is fixed to create new laws to makes sure situations like: race, gender, and age discrimination never happen again. People are not perfect and we disparage what we do not know about others and it does not make it right. We as people need to learn how to accept the unknown and not to worry about what we cannot control. In life things get better and people learn from their mistakes as time progresses. In my opinion, my feelings on discrimination will diminish one day or years to come. We as American fight for everything that we know needs fixing and faith in God gives us possibility.

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