Essay on Sociological Imagination : An Afro Haitian American Woman

Essay on Sociological Imagination : An Afro Haitian American Woman

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Sociological Imagination is essential realizing that how you feel personally, emotionally, or physically is also being felt by everyone else in society, and this opens up a whole new perspective of understanding. And this new understanding is so important to being compassionate and empathetic with someone because you are also in the same boat. Like when it comes to self-image and self-love. I always had the issue of loving myself for what God made me, because of what I 've internalized on watching tv, reading magazines, and etc. Viewing images of skinny, blonde hair, blue-eyed, gorgeous women, I associated was a real beauty. Much to my displeasure to learn, that millions of women also have internalized this. It’s also displeasing to know that because of the media, Black women especially face a harsh reality, that we can’t amount to what society deems is beautiful because of the color of our skin.

As an Afro Haitian-American woman, watching tv, music videos, and etc. You see a lot of people who their characteristics you want to strive to have. Skinny body, nice teeth, light skin (white skin), long flowing hair, and money. Watching all this as a child and an adult, makes me feel inadequate and ugly. Because I am not what is considered to be the standard beauty. I have 4c kinky hair, I have an hourglass type of figure with a big butt, and small boobs. I 'm nowhere near what societies ideal image of beautiful is. And that had an emotional effect on me because I couldn 't be that.

My own mother believed in these values as well, where she too use bleaching agent creams, and wearing weaves and etc, just to look better. I remember vividly, where she told me that she got too dark when we came back from our summer vacation ...

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... children to believe in. But again, our country America is known for its harsh, cruel and inhumane acts towards the minorities and continues to do so today. Society values, the importance of beauty on the appearance of the person, but rarely the inner beauty that 's for everyone. The concept of beauty is a socially constructed ideology because it only focuses on one form of beauty, and that is possible to do, considering it consist of being overly skinny and white. These ideas are consumed by the youth and the adults and are deemed the social norm to bleach your skin, perm your hair or wear weave, and do anything as much as possible to assimilate to the dominant culture, leaving your own culture and values behind. These leave drastic psychological effects to the African Diaspora. It would result in, self-hate, lack of self-respect, and lack of love for one another.

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