Sociological Concepts : Into The Woods Essay

Sociological Concepts : Into The Woods Essay

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How far will one go to get their happily ever after? Some will say, “Do what it takes” while others “Good things happen to those who wait”. Either way, many people generally make decisions based on sociological concepts because it provided guidance to right and wrong, good and bad, and strength and weakness. Thus, the musical, Into the Woods, gives people insights on how sociological concepts play out when one is put into a unique situation and/or obstacle. The musical is based on multiple characters from classic fairy tale books, such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, and The Baker and his Wife. Each character from the stories wanted and/or needed achieve a goal. In each story, it covers concepts surrounding marriages, family, and mortality. For example, Cinderella wanted to attend the prince 's festival, Jack needed to buy food for him and his mother, Little Red Riding Hood had to deliver food to her sick grandmother, and the baker and his wife lusted for a child regardless of the curse placed upon him. As a result, the stories, represents illogical ideas, socialization, and characteristic behaviors.
The Baker is a great example of socialization. In the musical, the Baker and his wife paid for the consequences that his father did. The Baker’s father stole from the witch because his wife wanted some greens from the witch’s garden. When the witch caught him stealing her
greens, the Baker’s father made a deal to save his life. He offered the witch his first born. But when his father climbed over the wall, he took her magic bean and the witch turned old and ugly, so she curses the family. When put in a life and death situation, one would offer all that he or she have. In ...

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...g Hood, she learns to protect herself from strangers. With the newfound knowledge, she no longer needed her mother and grandmother 's protection. In a result of this both her mother and grandmother died. The baker lifts the spell and received his son, soon after his wife dies. Although they have achieved their
dream, they lose something else. People always idolized the wealthier class and some even move to the top of the chain. Such as Jack by stealing and Cinderella by marrying into wealth is an example of social mobility. Even though Cinderella marriage would not work out at the end because she didn 't even know who the prince really was, she thought of the marriage as of a way out from her stepmother. At the end, she lost her prince but gained a family of friends she can trust. The baker yearned for a child cause him to be like his father who ran from their fear.

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