Essay on Sociological Concepts in "Where's the Love"

Essay on Sociological Concepts in "Where's the Love"

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The song “Where’s the Love?” by Black Eyed Peas displays many sociological concept in the context of its lyrics. In this song the band is expressing their concerns with the world’s views and actions of the present day. They question the mentality and reflect upon the realism of the world. The main idea surrounding this song is concentrated around the social construction of reality and how the world is changing. The song expresses the way people are not living up to society’s norms and values. It suggests that various agents of socialization are at fault and that they contribute to the development of self.
This song implies that individual’s are violating the norms and values of society. They start the song with a verse that expresses this concern. “What’s wrong with the world, mama/ People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas…” (lines 1-2). This makes one aware of the disobedience of values that are held in the family. Values are “standard[s] of judgment by which people decide on desirable goals and outcomes.” (Newman, 32) Another verse in this song that illustrates how society is defying norms and values is when they sing: “People killin', people dyin'/ Children hurt and you hear them cryin/ Can you practice what you preach/ And would you turn the other cheek…” (lines 50-53). These lines utter that society has failed to act in a sane and coherent way that society once viewed as correct. The actions affirm that individuals are not living up to society’s norms. Norms are similar to “rules of conduct” and suggest how an individual “should” act. (Newman, 34) In the song they question the acts that would be taken that violate certain norms. Another example of the infringement of society’s norms and values is expressed when the s...

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...s also portrayed as a nonmaterial culture when they state that much emphasis is put on drama when they say: “I think the whole world addicted to the drama/ Only attracted to things that'll bring you trauma (lines 3-4)” This indicates how much the world is a material and nonmaterial culture. (Newman, 93).
In essence, this song carries various sociological concepts. It concentrates on the main idea about the social construction of reality and talking about how reality is changing. The song questions the actions and mentally of individuals violating the norms and values of society. The band takes into consideration various factors of why it is happening including the media and religion. As a result they talk about such influences taking control building and developing a sense of self. This is a great song about present day problems and how society changes with them.

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