Sociological Aspects Of Criminal Behavior And Society Essay

Sociological Aspects Of Criminal Behavior And Society Essay

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For many decades, the criminology community has sought to examine the sociological aspects of criminal behavior and society’s reaction to crime; however, the community as a whole has too a great extent neglected to fully address terrorism in the same manner. Deflem (2004) noted in his writings that, “A sociology of terrorism, however, hardly exists. Specialists in crime, deviance, law and social control rarely mention the subject. Even a sociological concept of terrorism is hard to find.” With the resultant terrorism events that have been perpetrated against both the United States and other countries around the world in the last decade along with the continuation of the Global War on Terrorism, there exists an inherent need to bring terrorism further into the fold of study within the field of criminology.
This type of action is needed in our world today as terrorism has clearly taken a front seat to traditional crime in its coverage by the media and with the innumerable research studies that have been done in order to provide a better understanding of the sociological dynamics of terrorists, FTOs and their crimes which are now carried out on a global scale. As a result of their increasing globalization of terrorist activities over the last decade, the FTOs interaction with TCOs has become a natural fit for the perpetuation of both organizations’ operations. Clearly, further study as to why these two types of organizations would choose to meld together and assist each other is of a great importance to the criminology community in order to fully understand these symbiotic and continually evolving relationships.
The intent of this research proposal is to seek answers to the following questions that will guide the collec...

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...ect interactional exchange of criminal techniques between them. Interestingly, the authors propose that through this sharing a relationship between the organizations will eventually evolve along with a genesis and maturation in one or both of the organizations that will define how they carry out their future operations. Finally, the authors explore and define distinct causal factors for the interrelationship between these organizations as “way points” in the areas of legal business operations; shared illicit nodes in arms and drug trafficking, fraudulent documents and other criminal enterprises; communications; information technology (IT); violence and use of corruption; financial transactions and money laundering; organizational structure and goals; culture; popular support from a population; and trust between the FTO and TCO (Shelley, Picarelli and Corpora, 2003).

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