Socioeconomic Status And Social Class Essay

Socioeconomic Status And Social Class Essay

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Socioeconomic status (SES) is the measure of the influence that the social environment has on individuals, families, communities, and schools. The concept of SES considers other influences such as the chance for social or economic advancement, influence on policy, availability of resources, and prestige of the primary occupation. (
The story identifies the three main social class which are the upper class (Da Ros), the middle class (Arroyo Blanco residents) and the lower class (Mexican immigrants), and this further explains the characteristics of the people in each class. The lower class is associated with the poor, people who have little control over resources, power and prestige, compared to the middle class who are better off than former. The novel focuses on two main class which are the middle and the lower class and how “The higher social class can dominate and exploit the lower social class”.
The people in Arroyo Blanco Estates who fall in the middle class control resources that the lower class (Candido, America and the other immigrants) will need for their survival, jobs, food and safety. They provided the labor exchange which enable the immigrants to get jobs for their survival, though they were been exploited it was their source of livelihood and they couldn’t complain. The existence of the middle class has fueled the creation of the lower class for exploitation. Candido, America and all the undocumented immigrants struggle to work hard in hope of achieving the luxury of the middle class without knowing the people of higher class stifle the progress of the lower class in order to exploit them to stay relevant. ‘Exploitation: the systematic diversion of the proceeds of the knowledge, creativ...

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...nts believed the immigrants were intruders and should be kept out therefore they built a wall to separate themselves from the low lives who were only good when needed to be exploited by the same people.
Even America thought of herself as of a higher social class than Candido “Maybe you can live like this, but not me, my family is respectable, miles above the likes of you and your aunt” (TTC 238). She couldn’t come low to Candido level she had to maintain her class even in a very critical situation because a drop in her class means a drop in her value, beauty and ego, which is some of the reason people would go unto extreme length to maintain their status.
The division of people into social class is an injustice to people which brings about division and inequality, a solution in how to close this gap and abolish this type of grouping will improve social coexistence.

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