Sociocultural Systems : Cultural And Social Aspects Of People 's Lives Essay

Sociocultural Systems : Cultural And Social Aspects Of People 's Lives Essay

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a) Holism: the term ‘holism’ entails that when investigating or studying human beings, their activities and how they live, one should take the context related to them such as their education, healthcare, politics and other social structures.
Cross-cultural comparison: this entails that anthropologist should not generalize by thinking that all people are the same but it allows them to understand and study the sociocultural differences and similarities between people.
Sociocultural relativism: it entails that anthropologist should study the cultural phenomena using the etic perspective; where a sociocultural system such as the community’s behaviour, ideas, and customs is studied within their own context.
Fieldwork: it basically means that studying a particular culture face-to-face such as staying with the people that you are researching and observing how they live and participate in their day to day activities.
Sociocultural systems: it entails that the study of both cultural and social aspects of people’s lives.
Encompassing range of interest: anthropologists are open to study all the styles that involve the sociocultural systems all around the world, such as applying their knowledge in the education sector or in the agricultural sector (Hills 2012:11-113).
b) The anthropological approach makes a huge difference because of its credibility, validity, reliability and relevancy.
Credibility- the anthropology contributes a lot it make us understand human issues and to differences that it brings to the many different fields of application which rely on its validity, reliability and relevancy (Hill 2012:14)
Validity- anthropologists uses case studies to explain their application of addressing any human related issues so that their work ...

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...hat it should always be professional.
Anthropologists have the responsibility to the public and wider society: the anthropologist has responsibility to use proper research method and their research should be neutral and their work should show professionalism.
Anthropologists have the responsibility to and relations with sponsors: the anthropologist should always clarify the roles and responsibility and ensure that all the sponsors or funders know their primary responsibility(research participants) so that we can have avoid accepting funds from sources that are opposed by research participant that might create conflicts of interest which might jeopardise the research.
Anthropologists have the responsibility to own and host governments: the anthropologist have the responsibility to make sure that their research is not compromised while they are hosting governments.

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