The Socio Economic Status Of Undocumented Immigrants Essay

The Socio Economic Status Of Undocumented Immigrants Essay

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The socio-economic status of undocumented immigrants relies heavily upon two main issues, immigration reform and better education opportunities for their children. Education plays a crucial role in not perpetuating the stigma associated with undocumented immigrants. This paper will briefly discuss a few of the issues faced by illegal immigrants in the U.S.
Immigration and immigration reform continue to be the forefront of conversation within Washington D.C. More specifically, undocumented immigration. Illegal immigration poses serious issues within our ever-growing economy. According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey (ACS), there are approximately 42.4 million documented immigrants within the United States in 2015. This number is added to an already astonishing count of 318 million people within the United States. This is an estimated 8.6 percent increase from the 9.6 million immigrants that were recorded in 1970 (Zong, 2016). Furthermore, there are an estimated 11 million immigrants that are not documented (Zong, 2016). To clarify, this is a rough estimate of the undocumented immigrants because obtaining this data is difficult, for obvious reasons. Now, to add to the increased amount of residents, we need to factor in financial and education support for the children of undocumented parents. This seems to be a daunting task for lawmakers and politicians alike.
One of the serious issues that comes to light is the quality of living for the families and children of illegal immigrants. Once here, they tend to live below the radar and in poverty. The poor conditions here in the U.S. pale in comparison to the conditions they might be subject to in their home country. Even so, illegal immigrants get paid su...

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... that time very little has changed in regards to the legalization process. There are still undocumented immigrants living in poverty and not allowed access to government assistance programs. Moreover, there should be programs in place to assist with this overwhelming shortfall, more importantly, they need to be enforced at all state and government levels. This, in turn, would raise the overall socio-economic status within our country.
In closing, education and immigration reform are topics that need to be reassessed at all levels. Most importantly, education needs to be the backbone of the restructuring. A better education, coupled with immigration reform, for undocumented immigrants, will lead to better-paying jobs, which in turn leads to an improved socio-economic status. This country was founded on the fundamental idea that all could come here for a better life.

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