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Society's View of Women Essay

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Throughout history and today, we women are constant victims of stereotyping from our society. Certain “rules” have to be followed and certain “ideal” women images have to be kept. We are raised in a way to fill certain position where the society wants us to be and as a result, the opportunities are always limited for us and ideas of our importance in the society are diminishing. Even though women gained some independence, where women can work and take various position in society, the society’s idea of typical role of women never seem to change.
I still remember how my grandmother and my mother’s life were like. They both became housewives after they were married and had no important role in the society as women. It is a possibility that I could end up in the same situation.
My grandmother lived her whole life as a hard working housewife. Back in her days, the opportunities for women were always limited than today and the only thing that women could do were to become housewives. People were very conservative to the idea of the traditional role of a man and a woman. Men are always the provider for the family and women are always the caregiver. Thus, while men worked outside and earned money for family, women stayed home and took care of house work and children. Men are considered to have more power because of the fact that they earned money and women had to devote their lives to them. It is hard for people to lose the conservative idea because the idea was around since the beginning of the era. So, rightful place for woman was not a workplace, but at home.
Women were also not allowed to receive any higher education, so my grandmother was only allowed to be educated through elementary school and after that, she was educated b...

... middle of paper ... they want me to stand, but I got to overcome it and stand where I want to stand. Even though I would not be treated fully equally as men, my education would help me overcome those differences. I want to experience success and want to fulfill my dream.
The society defines us as nurturer and caregiver. My grandmother and my mother were seen as one and I am seen as one too. It is an instinct, but also it is an expectation that we have to follow. Men believe that we can never stand in equal position and have to remain subordinate. Additionally, we are seen as weak, sensitive, and unintelligent and as a result, we are seen as less important in the society and our existence are diminishing. I disagree with everything how society portrays women. We are capable of taking higher position in society as men and additionally, we are capable of doing men’s job easily

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