Essay on Society's Low Expectations of Teenagers

Essay on Society's Low Expectations of Teenagers

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Did you know that elephant owners in Asia can keep their elephants in their yard with a simple piece of twine and a post in the ground? I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “How is that possible? Elephants are strong, smart, and have potential to do huge things.” The answer has nothing to do with the twine and the post; but it has everything to do with the twine around the elephant’s mind. The thing is, teenagers are a lot like elephants. We are strong, smart, and have incredible potential, but somehow we are held back by a tiny piece of string, held back by a lie; the lie that teenagers are rebellious, good for nothing, lazy bums. Today I am going to be talking about how this lie affects the relationship between adults and teenagers, the relationship between God and teenagers, and finally the relationships teenagers have with each other. If everybody, adults and teenagers alike, work together we can get rid of this horrible lie.
First I’m going to talk about how this lie affects relationships between adults and teenagers. Here’s the problem; adults don’t expect enough out of teenagers today. When I was doing research for this speech, I came across the website This website popped up first on Google, so it must by good. Right? WRONG! I went to the “setting up expectations” section by author, Denise Witmer. The list of expectations is pathetic! For pre and young teens, the expectations are making your bed everyday, being able to take a phone message, and cleaning your room once a week with help from Mom and Dad. ( There is a warning at the top of this list saying that these expectations might be overwhelming and too much for your teen, so just pick one to start with! The li...

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