Society Influences the Way Men and Women Communicate Essay

Society Influences the Way Men and Women Communicate Essay

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Many people think that the way men and women communicate is determined by our sex, which is defined as the way we were created biologically. While others tends to think that communication differences between the men and women are because of our gender which is the way society has brought us up to think that men are to talk one way, an women another. West and Zimmerman explain it as” Gender is not something we are born with, and not something we have, but something we do” (qtd. Eckert and McConnell-Ginet 10). Men and women communicate differently not because it is a biologically encoded in our DNA but because society moles us to act upon our biological difference. I want to explore on this idea that society teaches men and women to converse differently to each other, assert themselves differently in certain situations talk more or less depending on your gender.
One of the most obvious ways we are able to compare gender communication a difference is through conversation. Most of people can think of a time when they’ve a had conversation with the opposite sex, and felt that they weren’t on the same page as the person you were talking to. This isn’t because you are just wired to think differently, this is because society has long told us that men must be competitive while women must take submissive roles in society. It is best put by Henley and Kramaraed stating “ because sexual communication is indirect, subtle, complex, and shaped by gendered norms for interaction, genuine miscommunication undoubtedly does take place”(qt. Eckert, Penelope & Ginet, Sally-McConnell 244). Ronald Macaulay disagrees when he writes “ There seems, however, to be a deep-seated desire to find essential differences between the speech of men and women tha...

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