Society in the The Roaring Twenties Essay

Society in the The Roaring Twenties Essay

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The roaring 20’s was a time in history when jazz music was becoming popular, the flapper was the new definition of modern womanhood, art deco was at its high, and the crash of Wallstreet first occurred leading into the great depression. The roaring twenties was known as the aftermath of World War 1. The phase was popular all over the world but mostly in North America, London, and Paris. The phase roaring twenties came about and was meant to accentuate period’s social, artistic, and cultural dynamism within that era. During this time is when technology had hit an all time high and was seen in every home, it was like it became a way of life.

Technology was at the top of its game during this time. We had new inventions like the automobile, flights, and mass broadcasting.The automobile before was seen or known as a luxury items and only those who could afford them owned them, but by the 1920’s vehicles were being mass-produced and were commonly seen. Alfred Sloan who was the president of general motors created began devoting more time to automotive styling. His technical advances of the decade included four wheel brakes, automatic engine temperature control, schock absorbers, automatic choking, and adjustable rides; all of which improved the ride and comfort of the car (Rose,216).

Aviation was big during the 1920’s. The first airplanes that were developed were made of wood and canvas, they were later modernized and than made of an increasing amount of metal during this era. Airplanes were typically only used to carrying heavy loads and for wars, but during this era they were able to start taking passengers as well. It was only in 1927 that an airport terminal in the form of a waiting room and ticket-office for airplane passenger...

... middle of paper ..., and business ethics to help shape our economy today.

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