Essay on Society and Technology in "The Anthem"

Essay on Society and Technology in "The Anthem"

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Now-a-days, when we think of the future, we picture flying cars, and being able to transport. In the novel “The Anthem” society and technology as we know it had been driven to an entirely new direction. The characters in the society do not have the right to speak freely nor do anything that they wish. They lost all of their freedom, they couldn’t even think for themselves. The society had to think as a whole, the word “I” did not exist in their vocabulary. The society is very balanced, and everyone fears the thought of even questioning it. Up until one man known as Equality 7-25271 wants the answers to all of his questions.
The novel is expressed as Equality 7-2521’s diary. All of his thoughts and feelings are shown in his writing, and this helps us get a better understanding of this character. Thanks to the diary, we understand all of his questioning and his feel for the society that he lives in. Everyone is assigned a job, and Equality 7-2521 is assigned as a Street Sweeper. This doesn’t allow him to do anything that has to do with another profession, including experimenting and ...

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