Essay on Society And Business Teach Us Anything About Saving Our Marriage?

Essay on Society And Business Teach Us Anything About Saving Our Marriage?

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Men - Can Nature, Society And Business Teach Us Anything About Saving Our Marriage?
By M B Laloli
Feb 8, 2013
Take a look at nature, society, religion and business and you will realise that there is always a leader. The lion king rules its pride, the strongest elephant leads the herd, birds migrate in formation following the flight path of the strongest leader, taking turns - as one tires another assumes the role - the dominant ape controls its territory and even the chooks at the farm are told what to do by the cocky rooster. They rule the roost! Cats, dogs and many other animals mark their territory. Everywhere in nature there is a natural leader. Animals follow their biological instincts and do what is natural for them. We need to take heed from this to learn something about saving our marriage.

Let 's look at society. Every country has a leader - kings, queens, presidents and prime ministers - even though not all end up being great dynamic leaders. Without effective leadership a society would not survive and would most likely end in a dictatorship or anarchy. We have seen what happens to people in countries where leadership is dogmatic and immoral. Strong but fair leadership is the key to a nation 's vitality, health and wealth and it is the key to your marriage 's vitality health and wealth as well.

Religious groups have leaders. Traditionally these leaders have been men - Mohammed, Buddha and Jesus Christ. Great religions need great charismatic leaders just like any successful marriage needs a great charismatic leader.

And business - all successful businesses have great dynamic leaders to plan and give direction, to lead the way to expansion and to profit. Without effective planning, goal setting and action from a success...

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... The strongest male wins and spreads his genes making the pack stronger than ever. Weaker males are often excluded from the pack completely.

So men wake up the "sleeping lion king" inside of you, be the leader of the pack, the dynamic, exciting leader your wife fell in love with in the first place! When that eventuates, your wife 's sex drive senses the presence of a capable leader, and her attraction for you will be so magnetic! All you have to do is unlock the qualities inside of you that make you an amazing, compelling, dynamic leader. And then let nature take care of the rest! You will be on the road to saving your marriage.

So in a word YES. Yes, the fact is that nature, society and business can tell us a thing or two about saving our marriage, and in simple terms that thing is called LEADERSHIP. Men need to be the leaders in their marriage in order to save it.

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