Socially Constructed Gender Roles Have A Large Impact On Society Essay

Socially Constructed Gender Roles Have A Large Impact On Society Essay

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Socially constructed gender roles have a large impact on the society that we are bred in. Boys and girls are told from a young age what is considered normal for each of them based on what sex they were assigned. Girls are immediately told to be shy but not rude, love the color pink, and clean and cook in preparation of the man they are inevitably going to marry. Boys are told to ‘be men’ and never cry in the presence of anyone, emotions are for girls and anything less would be seen as merely weak. Parents usually prescribe their own upbringings to how their children should be brought up; girls are constantly reminded to watch how they come off to people. Girls must clean and cook, but never show frustration, smile even if she’s scared of unfamiliar settings, this solely because the girl is not a boy. As if that isn’t enough, women are policed and told to stay innocent because any sign of promiscuity is frowned upon. According to society, women are supposed to play the role of the caregiver; a female who obediently does what she should and knows her place in the world. The man on the other hand may roam free; he is brave enough to handle any travesties and the woman can count on him in any situation. This can be daunting for both males and females when they find themselves unable to fit into such small boxes.
Learning The Social Meaning Of Gender goes into further depth on how children begin to classify people by gender at a very young age. Aaron H. Devor talks about how society places the idea of masculinity and femininity in the minds of men and women, making them everything but genetically tailored. Moreover, Devor states that no man or woman is born to fulfill a certain role, but cultural influences lead to such actions. He be...

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...they watch. “Yeah, now imagine a group of little girls nine through twelve on the Internet watchin ' videos listenin ' to songs by themselves. It doesn 't really matter if they have parental clearance; they understand the Internet better than their parents. Now being the Internet, the content 's probably uncensored, they 're young, so they 're malleable and probably unmonitored. A complicated combination, maybe with no relevance until that intelligence meets their favorite singer 's preference’”(Fiasco). The media is constantly telling females how to behave, what is beautiful, and what is acceptable. These reminders are heavily established to the point where women are openly judged for what they are wearing, how many men they sleep with, and how they present themselves. Lupe’s rap sheds light to these occurrences in order to show the observer how ridiculous they are.

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