Essay on Socialization Is The Most Important Agent Of Socialization

Essay on Socialization Is The Most Important Agent Of Socialization

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Socialization is how we learn to interact with other people. All of our behaviors are learned through socialization. There are five agents of socialization family, schools, community, peers, and mass media.
Family is considered to be the most important agent of socialization. Parents are the biggest influences for the social development of children. As infants, we are completely dependent on others to survive. Our parents, or those who play the parent role, are responsible for teaching us to function and care for ourselves. Socialization in a family setting can be both deliberate and unintended. A child that grows up in a home where there is reasonable structure, love and discipline, based on clear moral and ethical standards will absorb those values (Orchard 2006). ). When we are younger our family basically teaches us everything because we don’t have much interaction with people outside of our family. Our families tech us how to interact with others, build relationships, how to walk, how to speak, values, and beliefs. Basically our first introduction into socialization from our family is a reflection of their views and beliefs. They teach us what they want us to be taught.
School is the next important agent of socialization. When we think of school we think the only purpose is to get an education where you go to learn to read and write. But we don’t just go to school to get an education. In school, we also learn social skills through interaction with teachers, other students, and staff. Schools have dances, clubs, and sports which prepare us for social situations now and in the future. In schools, children also learn about concepts such as gender and race, not only through their textbooks but also practically. ...

... middle of paper ... similar functions worldwide, may have contradicting impact on the mindset of the people of a country at war, as opposed to the one at peace (Baxamusa, B. (2012, November 22). Agents of Socialization).
One agent that influences gender roles is the mass media. There are many gender stenotypes in the mass media which reaches a large audience and has great power. In the media men are usually perceived as head of house hold the bread winner and women are perceived as housewives who cook, clean, and raise the children while the man works. The mass media creates a certain image of reality that might not actually be reality but we believe and follow it because the media has such a great influence over us. The media has gotten better over time with gender roles but there are still media outlets that are still pushing gender roles and that influences a lot of people.

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