Essay on Socialization Is A Never Ending Process

Essay on Socialization Is A Never Ending Process

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The Significant Socialization
Socialization is a never ending process that continues to change our perspectives to help us learn and adapt to a social reality. This process can be split up into two different parts; primary socialization, the first socialization an individual undergoes in childhood, and secondary socialization, when an individual adapts to a specific group within society. Although one may believe that secondary socialization has more power over primary socialization since it is current and therefore more relevant, primary socialization has more authority considering that it lays down the foundation for all future socializations. Our initial values, attitudes, and actions are more important since we internalize them at such a young age when we are learning how to become a part of a social reality.
Primary socialization is defined as the “The first socialization an individual undergoes in childhood, through which he becomes a member of society” (Miller, 4/12). In my childhood, my parents always emphasized the fact that drugs are bad and that I should never do them. Learning this at a young age was very important for me since it created this idea that I could internalize. Primary socialization is known to take place under emotionally charged circumstances which applies to my own experience since, just like any child, I greatly looked up to my parents and wanted to be just like them when I grew up. This was a very strategic time for my parents to be telling me this since I respected their ideas and wanted to imitate them as much as I could. As long as this idea was imprinted in my head at an early age, I would be able to understand it more as I grew since it set the foundation for my attitude and value for...

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...ful, whereas in secondary socialization we can pick and choose our agents of socialization. Overall, all the factors of primary socialization such as the innocence of childhood, significant others, and laying down the foundation for the future all help prove that it is “easier to set aside the reality of secondary socialization” (Miller, 4/12).
Secondary socialization may be happening in the moment and therefore have a lot of influence on you, but primary socialization is established in childhood and internalizes you overtime. Although secondary socialization can be stronger for some people, it caused conflict in my personal experiences that made my primary socialization even more significant. In some circumstances like my own, secondary socialization can play a role in reinforcing primary socialization and establishing its everlasting significance in one’s life.

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