Socialization And Self Empowerment For Senior Citizens Essay

Socialization And Self Empowerment For Senior Citizens Essay

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Session One Questions
A summary of the content of the session. What was discussed and by whom?
In group session one, the discussion focused on facilitating a socialization group (Toseland, R. W., 2012, p. 26) for elder adults who are experiencing social isolation. As a group one of our first steps was to decided on who our target population would be. After deciding that our focus would be on creating a group envorniment that focuses on socialization and self-empowerment for senior citizens, than we began to consider how we would make that possible through activities.
A visual schematic/or description of the seating and interactions of the group.
During the session, our group sat in a circle we felt it would be the easier for discussion. Each person spoke when they had something to say and did it respectfully.
A description of the process, including issues related to power, diversity, stage of group development (middle), culture and conflict.
Our planning went smoothly over all, the only issue that came about during the process was on diversity. Some members felt as though the original location in a rural neighborhood would prevent diversity within the group because of the location.
Group maintenance
As a group, I feel like we could have done a better job with keeping time. We allowed ourselves to get caught up on questions that could have been briefly answered. I do feel like we did a good job keeping it organized and preventing it from going off topic; just some answers took longer than needed.
Self-reflection on his/her role in the group, impact on the process, emotional reactions, frustrations and learning.
When I spoke I felt as though what I was contributing was necessary and substantial to our discussion. There were ...

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...onflict in a group. Having conflicts while in a group is natural because not everyone has the same perspective and may do things differently from other, yet those things can be resolved. The disadvantage of being in a group setting that is experience conflict is “problem solving may take more time than individual problem solving.” (Toseland, R. W., 2012, p. 19) This statement stands true to our group because we spent a good amount of time trying to resolve our personal group issue, which I believe comes about easier when it is a formed group (Toseland, R. W., 2012, p. 13) that was focused “solely on service delivery” (Toseland, R. W., 2012, p. 32) because the time frame . In the end, our group had an acceptable amount of information and planning done in order to facilitate a social group for elder olds that I believe would be beneficial to our targeted population.

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