Essay about Socialism And The Rise Of Radical Islam

Essay about Socialism And The Rise Of Radical Islam

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In the last one hundred and fifty years the world has seen an ideological shift that has had tremendous consequences. This shift has taken place mainly in two forms, which many would argue are almost completely independent of each other; these forms are socialism and Islamism. Both of these ideologies have spread immensely since the onset of the twenty-first century however socialism has had a profound effect on Islam that was likely unintended and unexpected. Socialist movements in the late modern period have been a catalyst for the radicalization of Muslims in both the Middle East and Africa, and have spawned revolutions and wars even in the postmodern era. This thesis proposes that the spread of socialism in several nations has directly influenced the growth of radical Islam.


Before any discussion can begin about the relationship between socialism and Islam, both terms must be defined. Socialism has become a broad term in modern times, with many people making a differentiation between different terms that fall into socialism. These terms include social liberalism, democratic socialism, fascism, and to a greater extent communism. Another term that must be defined is Islam, especially concerning radical Islam.


Socialism is a broad term used to describe a system of government which has several definitions. Dr. Glenn Martin describes socialism as a consequence of the absence of anything personal and the absolutizing of the social aspect of man. Furthermore, according to Karl Marx, socialism is also the fourth stage of history, following capitalism and preceding global communism. To truly understand socialism one must also understand communism, and the ideology behind it: Marxism. ...

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...decided to remove the leader of Afghanistan in order to further their imperial designs. In the style of Marxism, the overthrow of the Afghani leader was through a violent revolution which claimed several thousand lives. In place of the old government, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan took control, which was heavily influenced by the Soviets. This lasted for a few years; however in the early 1970’s the old Afghani leader, Mohammed Daoud, returned to power virtually unopposed. Even with this setback the Soviets never gave in, and they watched the new regime so closely that they often knew what Daoud was going to do before it happened. This continuous back-and-forth led to an unstable democracy in the nation, which caused it to be a perfect staging ground for radical Islamist groups. As written by Bruce Hoffman, “[w]eak states or ungoverned spaces provide

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