Socialism And A Nation Under A One State Party Essay

Socialism And A Nation Under A One State Party Essay

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Both socialism and democratic socialism overlap and interact with a few different ideologies. The most notable are the intersection between democratic socialism and liberalism. Both liberals and social democrats advocate for a relatively large welfare state, in order to take care of the poor and offer a social safety net. Both ideologies also believe in a sort of collective responsibility to society. They believe the purpose of people is greater than just the individual. Socialism and Liberalism also both see flaws in capitalism and have strategies to address them. Whether it’s replacing them or preventing the downsides.
Socialism isn’t the only ideology which is commonly misunderstood. The term “fascist” is commonly used as a political weapon to label a person as being very authoritarian. This attack is often overused, however, which could be dangerous. If a real fascist attempts to rise to power, it will be difficult to distinguish between the baseless attacks and genuine assessments of a fascist leader.
Fascists view the mobilization of a nation under a one state party as an effective way to both prepare for armed conflict and to solve economic problems. Fascists view democracy and liberalism as outdated and cumbersome ideas. Benito Mussolini says in his Doctrine of Fascism, that “liberalism is now on the point of closing the doors of it 's deserted temples because nations feel that it’s agnosticism the economic field and its indifference in political and moral matters, causes, as it has already caused, the sure ruin of states (Mussolini 256).” Mussolini makes the argument that fascism is the purest form of democracy. He qualifies this statement by saying that because all the people become united under a single ideology, they...

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... the wealthy. Some speculate this is due to the influence money has in elections. Another overlap between fascism and conservatism is how nationalism is used to manipulate and control the populace. Michael Parenti says in his essay Fascism: The False Revolution, that, “With leader worship and state worship, there 's the glorification of militarism, war and conquest. But these are all basically conservative symbols. There are all these to get people distracted from their own immediate interest, political, economic, class interest, and get them galvanized into this type of thing, the war, the conquest, and militarism. (Parenti 3)”. Wedge issues have been used in the past and will be used in the future. Marx would likely agree with Parenti and make the argument that wedge issues are tools used by the bourgeois to entrap the people within the corrupt system of capitalism.

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