Essay about The Social Workers Of North America

Essay about The Social Workers Of North America

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Most social workers in North America start their promising career with a social service organization armed with a burning desire to solve a social problem, contribute to society, or anything noble in purpose. They are usually in the forefront in any crusade against oppression committed to a marginalized group. However, when such oppression is however against the social workers even within the organization where they work, it is ironic that they seem to be silent about the situation. A lot of North American social workers experience this form of oppression because it works clandestinely. Consequently, an examination will be made to explain that operation and to scrutinize the arguments why social workers need to be aware of the existence of this unique form of oppression. It is incomprehensible being a champion of other’s causes but not mindful of one’s own. To eliminate oppression in the social welfare workplace, the social workers, in their pursuit of social change must have a competent understanding of the theory around racism and oppression.
Racism, as a social construct, historically creates a generalization based on the culture, ethnicity, or any objective attributes of a person (Friederes, J.S. (2006). Oppression, a modern category of racism, is the use of any form of power to dis-empower, marginalize, silence, or otherwise subordinate one social group, usually to further empower and/or privilege the oppressor (Deutsch, M. (2005). Although oppression can be delineated, creating a clear definition of what constitutes anti-oppression becomes a challenge. Much of it has to do with a lack of agreement as to how to define and operationalize the discussion (Yee (2005), p.91). Whiteness is a more specific and modern category of...

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...udiced any worker’s practice.
A clear theoretical and critical knowledge of racism and anti-oppression is a necessary foundation in order for anyone in practicing social work in North America to eradicate whiteness. First, a critical analysis can expose the hidden system of whiteness. Also, when we understand oppression and the identity of the whites as itself a race, the patterns how racism are committed can be explained. Lastly and more importantly, enlightenment is necessary to come up with effective solutions to solving and dismantling this oppressive structure.
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However, when such oppression is however against the social workers even within the organization where they work, it is ironic that they seem to be silent about the situation. A lot of North American social workers experience this form of oppression because it works clandestinely

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