The Social Work With Refugees Essay

The Social Work With Refugees Essay

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Refugees face a lot of challenges and oppression within society, and social workers are needed
with refugees to help them receive all the social services and support necessary for them to
succeed in contemporary Canadian society. As evidence within this analysis showed,
refugees are often disadvantaged in society. Social work with refugees is an extremely difficult task, as there are often social and political barriers in place that result in refugees having restricted and limited access to health and social services (voices article). Social work with refugees on a service delivery basis includes helping a refugee obtain employment, education, affordable housing, safe/accessible health services, language proficiency in English or French, and linking them to social support groups with individuals going through similar life challenges. However, there are even difficulties that refugees face accessing these health and social services, because of the fear of being discriminated against, or prejudice from social service organizations (textbook). Social workers must keep in mind all the oppressive factors that refugees face in society, and the discrimination they faced from their home country in order to properly help that refugee succeed in contemporary Canadian society. Social workers working with refugees have many challenges, specifically dealing with the new and consistent barriers that refugees must face. Social workers often deal with integrating refugees into Canada’s economic, social, cultural, legal and political spheres. As well as service planning to ensure that the refugee’s past experiences don’t have a negative impact on their possible success in Canada. In order to do this properly a social worker must take all of a re...

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...ees, and also actively attempt to eradicate the barriers, and advocate for equal access to resources. This analysis also proved that working with refugees poses consistent barriers, and social workers are required by the Code to resolve the barriers, and ensure that the refugee has all the social services necessary to be successful in contemporary Canadian society. It is in my opinion, that the role of a social worker is integral in the life of a refugee. Since a social worker not only ethically plans and delivers social services that help the refugee immensely, social workers also have a duty as social workers to pursue social justice on behalf of their clients. Therefore, social workers are not only helping their clients, they are pursuing social change on behalf of their clients in order to change society’s negative and often discriminatory viewpoint of refugees.

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