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Social Work Values And Ethics Essay

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Social work values and ethics at times may seem controversial, as there is a fine line between situations appearing to be ethical or unethical. Though I believe with regards to ethics the only situation I deem completely never ethical is a sexual relationship between a client and a professional. With regards to number one, I think that a client buying a professional a gift of under $10 like a coffee mug or a souvenir to show their gratitude may be ethical. Yet, if the worker were to buy the social worker something like a shot glass for example and the social worker accepts it may be inappropriate and unethical. According to Frederic G. Reamer PHD in his article “’Tis the Season: Managing Client Gifts” (2013) he states, “most clinical social workers agree that in many instances, especially when there is no evidence of ulterior motives that may lead to egregious boundary violations, practitioners may keep gifts of minimal value”. In essence, Reamer reminds us that receiving gifts may be ethical if given under safe conditions and if there is no underlying purpose.
For number two I do not think under the circumstances given in the description it is ethical to attend a clients wedding, as attending a wedding is extremely personal. I envision the client and professional boundaries becoming violated. If the worker actually attends the wedding, the client might start to feel as if the social worker is their intimate friend. On the contrary, if the social worker was completely done with this client and had no further need to see her during office hours, then the professional could attend the wedding without it seeming to be unethical because the bride to be will no longer be a client of the organization. According to Hepworth, Rooney, Roon...

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...-Disclosure in Clinical Social Work” (2006) Reamer argues “Sometimes social workers disclose personal information for other purposes—for example, to strengthen their therapeutic alliance and nonphysical connection with clients. However, self-disclosure for therapeutic benefit may not always be helpful to clients”. I agree with this statement because I think self-disclosure allows plenty of room for misunderstandings and harm, even when unintentional. Furthermore, these conclusions on ethics and values matter not only to those interested in social work but also to 
those interested in seeking social work services as they may become affected by these values. 
I can clarify my point by saying, while professional ethics might seem to be straightforward there are many different scenarios that might cause great confusion as to where they might be ethical or never ethical.

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