Social Work Skills For Beginning Direct Practice Essay

Social Work Skills For Beginning Direct Practice Essay

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Journal 6
The two main words for this journal is researched-informed practice and practice – informed research. According to Grinnell the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) have an educational policy on engage in research-informed practice and practice-informed research. The policy states, “Social workers use practice experience to inform research, employ evidence-based interventions evaluate their own practice, and use search findings to improve practice, policy, and social services delivery. Social workers comprehend quantitative and qualitative research and understand scientific and ethical approaches to building knowledge” Social workers uses many research-informed practices and practice-informed researches. For example the book Social Work Skills for Beginning Direct Practice, talks about many theories. One of the theories that is discuss in the book is the System Theory. This theory focus on an individual environment, their families, friends, neighbors, schools, religious centers, cultural norms and economic systems. With the System Theory a social worker looks at all element that an individual or community like micro, mezzo and macro to support their growth.
There are two projects at the Hickok Center that the interns have to work on, the Compliance Assessment and Staff Surveys. In the Compliance Assessment the interns was able to use qualitative data to improve the practice at the Hickok Center. In the Staff Survey qualitative and quantitative is used to improve practice and policy.
At the Hickok Center for Brain Injury I was able to experience research-informed practice and practice-informed research. An example of research-informed practice and practice-informed research is when the interns have to complete the ...

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...tern didn’t do so that it can be turned in on time. She explained to me that in working world that is usually the best decision to make. That in the working world that deadlines need to be made because it can hold up funding and services. I had express to her how I felt about working in groups. There is always someone who don’t pull their part and other have to pick up there slack.
The insight that I have learn in this situation is there are doing to be times when I have to pick up the slack of other to get the job done. Also to take time out to talk to the individual to find out why they were unable to do their part. I also found out that it is hard for me to give someone who I know criticism. I found it uncomfortable to tell the intern how she put more work on us because she didn’t complete her part in a timely manner. I was worried about hurting her feelings.

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