The Social Work Profession Promotes Social Change, Problem Solving, Human Relationship, And Empowering

The Social Work Profession Promotes Social Change, Problem Solving, Human Relationship, And Empowering

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The social work profession promotes social change, problem solving, human relationship, and empowering/ the liberalization of people to enhance well-being in the society. The writer is a social worker working with the disabled in the community (Fook 1996). While reading the book, one can see the different actions and decisions that have been performed by the workers.
In this profession, a worker 's job is to serve all people in the society. Therefore one main value they must possess is having the ability to be fair to all clients. They must treat them as equals and also treat the clients equally amongst who is on under their care. In order to excel, a a social worker must have passion and complete devotion to their work. The social worker in this book worked with the disabled in the society. She showed exemplary fairness to those on her caseload.The writer, who works as as the Director of Social Services for the disabled, assists character A in making an appointment for B (Grobman p169). He is also returning the call of another woman who had called. He says that support is the key issue for families who have special needs.
Another value a social worker must show is citizenship .This is a core value in the social work profession. Social workers see themselves as part of the community by knowing the laws and obeying them (Fook 1996). Also honesty, is a detrimental part of this profession. This is because a client must be able to fully trust you in order for you to really leave any impact. By answering the client 's calls, the writer of this section is showing honest and reliability. The worker shows their passion and excitement for their job when they chose to continue to help people with disabilities to improve their life, meanwh...

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... thirteen projects, he says that that it was incredibly rewarding (Grobman p171).
As a social worker, one explores and learns many virtues and how to practically apply them in the field. In the section, the writer portrays the virtue of empathy, critical thinking, and tolerance when he decides to go and face the therapist on behalf of the client who had delayed their appointment two times with the therapist. He has a clear understanding of the family client since he outlines that the family of the latter was not in good condition and had to spend time struggling to meet the very basic needs ( Bride 2007). Although developmental studies was not widely publicized or acknowledged amongst social workers, according to the context, social workers have a great role in serving the community while also being irrespective of the environment and conditions they are working in.

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