Social Work Is Not All About The Money

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Many people don’t know that social workers deal with more mental health than any psychologist, psychiatrist and psychiatric nurses combined. Interesting right? I would definitely have thought otherwise. Social work is a very unique field that is overlooked and should have quite a bit more appreciation than it does. Making it in the real world is tough but thanks to social work peoples civil rights are protected, people with mental illnesses are now able to afford humane treatment and society is more in tune with preventing child abuse and neglect. To be successful in the field of social work you have to care about what you are doing, have ethics, and have empathy… social work is not all about the money. To familiarize you with what social work is exactly I’ll provide you with a brief history about the career. I will not go too deep into it because I do not like to bore my reader. Social work began in in 1898 when a class was offered at Columbia University. It was a hit! Fortunately, the beginnings of social work paved the way of developing private and charitable organizations to the people who needed it the most. Until this very day, social workers are continuing to serve our society with their needs and recognizing our nation’s social problems and bringing them to the public’s attention. The early social workers provided us with many privileges that we have now. Now that we have better benefits set in place, within the social work field it does not matter who’s black or white, who believes in what religion or who would rather be intimate with a man or woman because they’re rights are protected. Jane Addams, a pioneer of social work (also the first American woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize for her amazing work) opened up a... ... middle of paper ... the social work field when it comes to finding a job when coming out of college. According to Walter, that is very true. He explained that the demand for social workers are coming to a high, because of people like him (he’s getting old and is going to retire soon). The benefits to him was that he was helping people which made him feel great, he also felt like there was a lot of job opportunities to take advantage of. Something that I never really thought about before that he said and it stood out to me was that being a social worker is a very rewarding position. He stressed the fact of how rewarding it was simply because you were helping people and you have a large impact on people’s lives which would make almost any human feel good about themselves and the work they were doing. Only drawback to him was the paperwork, “there was tons of paperwork” he stated.
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