Essay on Social Work and Adult Health Care

Essay on Social Work and Adult Health Care

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Social work is a service that provides 'universalist services outside the market on the principle of need' (Titmuss, 1974, p.146). It maintains welfare of the public, and its basic role in adult social care is to focus on individuals, families and communities, and to ensure their well-being. By doing so, social workers improve quality of life, and serve for betterment of the whole community, thus enabling a social change. Today, much of these social work services is guaranteed by social policies and laws, which ensure delivery of social care to different individuals. However, there are significant drawbacks in social work practice, and issues that need to be addressed by the public and by social workers themselves. This essay will discuss the role of social work, and examine its importance and limitations within adult social care in accordance with legislation, which are currently in place. It will be shown what is the basic role of social work according to existing acts of parliament, and what is the significance of councils in social care. Also, the text will discuss the role of social workers, their obligations and regulations, and finally, it will describe client-oriented and personalised approach to the services. On the other hand, it will be shown that. There are limits and restrictions in social work. It will be explained how financial limitations affect quality of social services, ways of neglecting and pressuring social workers, and how the social system restricts eligibility for social care. The essay will present the current state of social care in adult social services, and what conditions are presently in existence, drawing on links between social care and existing policies.

Adult Social Care and Suppor...

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