Essay about Social Welfare Beneficiaries on Illegal Drugs

Essay about Social Welfare Beneficiaries on Illegal Drugs

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People who apply for welfare benefits should be tested for drugs and they should be cleared of all illicit drugs before they receive any benefits in the form of cash or food stamps because, the government spends so much money on welfare and rehabilitation programs and screening welfare recipients will help the government save more money to fix the economy. Most employees are tested of illicit drugs before they are employed by their employer so why shouldn’t welfare recipients also be tested of illicit drug before they receive any kind of assistance? The government deducts so much tax out of worker’s earnings of which part of these deductions go to fund welfare programs, therefore welfare assistance like cash should not be used to purchase illicit drugs by recipients especially when the government is fighting against illegal drugs on the market. Some of the recipients of welfare assistance take advantage of the program and go for welfare aid even when they could live without the support of welfare, this is a clear indication that some recipients abuse the welfare program and therefore there is a need to screen recipients. Since applicants and recipients of welfare programs are not tested of any illicit drugs before they receive benefits from welfare providers and there are no control measures or regulations to make sure that the recipients of these assistance are truly eligible, welfare programs tend to assist drug barons instead of the vulnerable in the society. This does not come as a surprise when the government spends billions of dollars of the tax payer’s money every year to fund drug prevention programs and welfare programs. Unfortunately, most of these drug addicts are poor and bankrupt so they depend on welfare assistance, ...

... middle of paper ..., the purpose of welfare aid is achieved and the recipients truly deserve it.

If applicants of welfare benefits are tested for illicit drugs before they receive any benefits in the form of cash or food stamps, the sale and usage of illicit drugs will reduce drastically and therefore the government will not have to spend more money on drug related programs. According to John E. Johnson of the Neuroscience Research Center, “illicit drugs is the leading cause of preventable deaths and disability in the United States” (Johnson). Its consequences come with huge economic cost and therefore, all states including North Dakota should pass a legislation that will screen applicants and recipients of welfare benefits. Our taxes should be used to help the poor and underclass to live a better life and not to be used to pay for illicit drugs and alcohol by some beneficiaries.

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