Social Understanding And Health And Safety Essay

Social Understanding And Health And Safety Essay

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Instead of using previous methods of open pit extraction, block cave mining and rapid tunnel technologies is used to access deep ore bodies faster and with less environmental impacts (RioTinto 2014).
To reduce the energy consumed the Group uses gas-fired cogeneration power plants converting natural gas to low emission electricity by a 160 megawatt electric generator, and the surplus energy is supplied to the electricity grid (RioTinto 2014).
Rio Tinto always focuses on respect for environment by avoiding if possible or minimising harmful effects of mining activities on the environment.
3. Social Understanding and Health and Safety
Rio Tinto works closely with host countries and local communities and is concerned in maintaining a fair and equitable transfer of benefits and opportunities (RioTinto 2014).
Rio Tinto recognise the importance and value of employing Indigenous Australians and actively seek to increase the number of indigenous workers in their workforce (ABC 2014). Indigenous Australians make up nearly seven percent of the total workforce (RioTinto 2014).
Replacing miners from remote sites with autonomous drills, trucks and trains, and employing approximately 500 controllers sitting in a homogenized computerised facility will provide an improved work/life balance compared to working in remote sites operating mining equipment and facing complex workplace health and safety issues.
The Group’s goal of zero harm and no occupational illness can be achieved by the “Mine of the Future”, as risk factors due to manual handling and repetitive work, hearing loss due to noise induced, stress related to work and personal issues and mental health issues will be significantly reduces as a result of the use of high technological auto...

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... also increase and is also encountered with ongoing threats to the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of such systems. Though there is not yet any material losses related to cyber security breaches, weaknesses have been revealed and given the increasing complexity and evolving nature of this threat it would be difficult to rule out the prospect of them occurring in the future. A comprehensive failure of perilous system mechanisms, instigated by unintentional or malicious actions, including those consequential from a cyber-security attack, could result in a weighty environmental, health or safety incident, causing commercial loss or interruption to operations (RioTinto 2013). This will be a challenge Rio Tinto will need to carefully manage as their connected devices and machines grows and the reliability on reliable and secure internet connections increases.

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