The Social Trends Research Survey Essay

The Social Trends Research Survey Essay

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What stood out to me with the Pew Social Trends Research survey by Rich Morin, it indicated that how the majority of the responses supported a woman not having a child would be acceptable in today’s society. This is important to the meet birth to death replacement rate in America’s society today. For example, an article by Bahar Gholipour from Livescience website expounded on the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) brought correlated concerns from the Pews Research Center about current fertility rate for women currently stands at 1.9 births per woman. In which, it indicated that Americans continue to have less children and has hit at record low in birth rates at 62.5 per 1000 women between the ages of 15-44 in 2013 compared to 1909 figures at 126.8 per 1000 women. (Gholipour, 2014; Morin, 2011)
Again, this reflects back on the current trend with our demographic, economical, and social factors changes that influences Americans delaying to have a child or a family. The tempo of economics and social movements has played significant factor in American history for example The Great Depression minimized families from having children and then the end of the World War II played in the hands of America economics with the Baby Boomer generation and then in the 1960’s with sexual revolution, women’s right movement, and individualism have played a major role in this decline with birth rates and how America attitudes shifted with Family structure. It appears the Pew Social research survey has indicated that 55% of people have a change in family core values or social development with the lack of interests for the American women to have fewer children in today’s society.
Overall, the Pew study placed me in the public majority group being ...

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...e push for individualism or human rights with freedoms that were repressed in the past and this new freedom of choice for ethnic and gender groups have opened the door for a new way of life an the over all means for change within America. I feel that the lack political and economical structure over the last 40-50 years has brought us to this change in social institutions with the X and Y generations pushing the envelope for social change who we want to represent American people and make those political decisions at the local, state, and federal arenas that are in the best interest of the people instead of the 1 % that run this country. In the view of all the changes, you will have your positives and negatives with American family structures, but the balance to sustain a family structure and focus on our children is the key to success for families and society overall.

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