The Social Trend Of Yik Yak Essay

The Social Trend Of Yik Yak Essay

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Yik Yak
Yik Yak is probably the biggest social trend I’ve experienced while at West Point. It is relatively new and the anonymous interface gives people next level comfort especially in an environment where there are several restrictions on what you can say out loud. Yik Yak is useful, I would argue – here more so than at other colleges – CGR can send out quick updates and a significant amount of the cadet population would see them right away; questions about formation times, gym hours and several other things can be answered with ease. However, due to the anonymity, Yik Yak has also become a platform for anonymous hate and bashing. This isn’t new and everyone knows it’s happening. We had a PMEE session talking about why people should be more careful about what they yak about. The reasons given were that it is a. a public forum that anyone from anywhere can look at; b. that it can be very hurtful.
I believe that regardless of how you feel about someone bashing them online is a waste of everyone’s time. If you have a legitimate issue with something it will not be solved online, and if you’re just being mean you’re making yourself look weak by doing it online. Yik Yak seems to have fixed these problems for cyber haters everywhere because people latch on to everything that is said, the audience is endless, gossip is prevalent, and the anonymous poster remains unaffected. I love Yik Yak, I love to tout my (I like to think) above average Yakarma score, and I love that it gives everyone an equal voice in the face of the hierarchical campus that West Point is. I’m also sometimes a very vocal person; when I have a problem with someone they usually know about it because I have no problem sharing. But as much as I love both o...

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... that the fact that we’ve created a culture here where cyber bullying is so acceptable “because they deserve it” is wrong.
It’s so easy to target a joke at someone, and tell people that get offended to “just block it,” but anonymous comments can hurt people and one day if acts on this pain everyone will sit there wishing they had just been nicer – but it shouldn’t have to go that far. And as much as I like to think that I would’ve been happier with not knowing about the yak – I’m glad that I know. Because on the other side of the coin public statements can also affect people reputations and being in oblivion may save you the pain but it doesn’t change the fact that people saw what was said. In an environment that was created to mold people into better leaders through the pressure of stress there is no need for people to create more distress for their own peers.

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