Social Systems And The Ecological Approach Essay

Social Systems And The Ecological Approach Essay

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Social systems attempt to protect their survival through adaptation and self-preservation and are interrelated and interdependent; human systems and their environments are intricately connected to one another (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). With this said, people and their environments are involved in a process of continual adaptation to one another and must be viewed holistically (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). There are theories that adopt a systems perspective, however most focus primarily on the individual, interpersonal, some on society, and others on the earth ecological. Variation in their focus also leads to variation in their levels of application. Dynamic systems and the ecological approach are usually seen as having applicability to all systems such as the individual system to larger sociocultural systems (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). However, structural functionalism is generally applied to macro social systems such as organizations, communities, and societies, and is based on the study of large systems and their impact on groups and individuals (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). “Dynamic systems theory, deep ecology, and ecofeminism have the broadest scope; from the smallest subatomic systems to the entire universe” (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012).
Carel B. Germain (1973), states, “The ecological perspective has been proposed as an unifying paradigm that can apply to the numerous and diverse models of social work practice.” Ecosystems theory was an offshoot of functionalism, ecological theory, dynamic system theory, and many other psychological and developmental theories, it is also known as the ecological perspective and the life model (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). Ec...

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...and why institutionalized patterns of interactions persist (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). For example, a type of agency could be a community center. In the community center the type of presenting problems are behavior problems of groups. The method is purposive group work, and the definition of the helping situation is problem social issues. The type of focus for this is to explore how lack of opportunities has created the presenting problem (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012). Another example is a community agency. The types of presenting problems are behavior problems of communities. The method would be purposive community work. The definition of the helping situation would be problem social issues, and the type of focus is to create opportunities and explore latent functions of the problem and alternative to that (Canda, Chatterjee, and Robbins, 2012).

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