Social Structures And Their Routines Aid Essay

Social Structures And Their Routines Aid Essay

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1. What are social roles?
A. the parts that actors play
B. the positions that individuals occupy in the social structure
C. the social expectations that go along with a given social status
D. all of the dos and don 'ts of social life
2. What best describes social roles?
A. They rigidly dictate social behavior.
B. They give us guidelines about how to act in our social worlds.
C. They limit individuals ' creativity.
D. They give us the freedom to explore different personas.
3. Which of the following is NOT true about social structures?
A. Social structures are persistent routines within society, but they do evolve.
B. Friendship groups as well as the economy are both examples of social structures.
C. Social structures are static across cultures.
D. Social structures and their routines aid in social stability.
4. Which of the following would be an example of a social status?
A. the economy of a given country
B. one school within a larger school system
C. parents ' need to care for their children
D. a freshman student
5. Which of the following illustrates how gender is structured i...

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