Essay on Social Structure Of The Middle Class

Essay on Social Structure Of The Middle Class

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There are three main social structures in our society today. There is the upper class, the rich and affluent, who have endless amount of money in order to be comfortable and survive. We have the middle class, the normal people, who work on the daily in order to keep their family together and have a work under their roof. Finally, we have the lower class, who have a hard time surviving, but the government does not want people living in the states so they help this class the most. They receive financial aid, money aid, food stamps, and health aid. So, for college, usually it is easier for the lower class to go because they receive money aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (FASFA) Also, the upper class, do not have any problem sending their children to college because they have the money to send them without taking loans because they are comfortable. However, the middle class is the sandwich. They are not comfortable in order to pay their child’s tuition price and do not receive money from the government unless they are loans.
As a high school student, one can only think about their dream university - the one that would lead to the perfect job and the perfect life. Would it be Duke, UCLA, or even Harvard? From raising their child to applying to colleges to acceptance letters coming in the mail, parents are always thinking about how they are going to pay for their child 's education. The U.S. Government passed the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 which allows the unfortunate and affluent students to attend school up until high school free of charge. However, as you proceed in your education, it starts to get expensive. A child who attends a prestigious college such as Duke or UCLA has to pay around $40,000...

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...e the potential to become great doctors, lawyers, businessmen, or even musicians/artists, but because they do not have the funds available to be properly educated in these fields, they are not able to pursue their dream careers. The biggest consequence that faces the middle class is that they have lost future potential because there isn 't enough money for some of these people to get the education they deserve in order to do great things.. There are still doctors and lawyers out here in the world trying to pay off their debts fifteen years or more after graduating, even though they have their high end job. When sitting at the bank, I overheard a 92 year old man say “I’m loan free now” as he signed his last check over to the bank.This portrays how loans are maleficent. Honestly, the best alternative to a financial aid plan would be to get injured on a college campus.

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