Social Structure: Example from a Mexican American Essay

Social Structure: Example from a Mexican American Essay

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Sociology is the scientific study of social structure, social structure influences through culture and principles, together it produces each individual to the way they act, live and think. Due to social influences, many of our morals and values are influenced through media, parents and school. Social structure is important in our society because it affects all dimensions of human experience, it is a pattern of social interaction and over all makes us who we are. The sociological term for social structure describes society as a whole and the action in which determines individuals. The three main structures that have shaped up my social structure and impacted my life are, my ethnicity, income and religion. Being a Hispanic American Latina forever would have a impact in my life because our culture diversity and the advantage and disadvantages it is to come from a family who had to establish each of their lives all over again by moving to the United States has driven my priorities to become successful very high and not become part of statistics of staying in the middle class or in poverty.

To begin with today, social structure has political influences of who gets what, For example today if you are born into a working class area, it is more likely for your own children to also remain in the middle working class scale as well. Statistically proven by adding Hispanic working class the statistics of their children to become doctors or nurses are very low as to if a wealthier family it would be a higher percentage and a higher outcome that their children will as well become successful wealthy people. In addition to working middle class, Coming from a Mexican family who had to leave there hometown to make a better living for themselv...

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...ct religions and accustoms can also be included. I believe the catholic church closes most people's mind into believing everything is a sin and forgetting what it really means to be a good person overall.

Overall if it wasn't for my ethnicity, religion, and income I would not be the person I am today with the same values and morals. It is apparent social classes are revolved around income and power and people are born into social class but that does not mean a person has to stay in that social class. As for myself being raised a catholic Latina, with working middle class parents my destiny does not have to be the same. Sociologically, social structure affects almost everything in our life from our ambitions to our social life and the way we interact with others. sociological imagination helps us to understand the effects of social forces on our lives.

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