Essay about Social Stratification Within the Sports Society

Essay about Social Stratification Within the Sports Society

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Sports society is the land were every serious athlete wants to step foot on and be apart of. Here the people are put into categories that rank each individual by how much money they make. There are two classes by which people fit; top and bottom. The top consisting of the athletes and the bottom although bigger then the top holds all of the supporting fans. The top class is also split up into smaller niches where the highest paid players are above the ones making league minimum salary. Social stratification persists over generations. Most of the athlete's children will have the genetics make up to go on and have a successful life on their own staying in the top class, but in this system a fan may have what it takes to become a player and enter the top class. The world that sports society lies in is stratified into an upper, middle and lower class system. As seen in the figure below sports worlds top and bottom class falls into the world upper social class.
Gender in sports world is based heavily on the social conflict approach where gender limits peoples personal development in this case, women. It also says that it gives power to men to control women s lives but that is false here. In comes the structural functional approach where gender builds social unity as men and women come together to make families. The men and women are the two sexes of sports world XX and XY that keep the population growing. There is is a small percentage of intersexed individuals and it only occurs when an athlete will use performance enhancing drugs (steroids) which triggers a reaction in the body producing male or female characteristics on the opposite sex. Transgendered people will dress like how they would want to live their ...

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... are the largest group number wise but they get the minority name tagged on them because of the small power they hold. The one big thing they can do as a whole is boycott and not attend any games drying out funds quickly for the players but the chance of that happening is very slim. Ethnic enclaves are that where groups of people from the same race, religion or income level will tend to live by one another because that's where they can fit in. The fans will live together outside the stadiums but still in an accessible area. You can also find them at bars or burger joints where they like to be after the games to talk about how the game played out.
In conclusion, the sports world society is basically structured like every other civilized nation throughout the world. In means of income, gender, race and the sports fan wanting more then they can get any where else.

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