Essay on Social Stratification Systems And Society

Essay on Social Stratification Systems And Society

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Social stratification systems are present in every functioning society. A stratification system organizes the members of the society into different categories so that members of the society know their social position in society (Larkin, 2015). Members of the society are placed into the different categories based on their race and gender. Every stratification system allows for a different amount of social mobility. In this essay we will look at three social stratification systems, slavery, caste, and class, and we will compare males and females by race, class, and education.
Part One:
Slavery is the first social stratification system we are going to discuss. In many countries in present time slavery is illegal, however, it is still occurring in many parts of the world. Slavery is the most extreme form of legal or condoned social inequality (Larkin, 2015). In the slavery stratification system, there are two roles. They are slave owner and slave. A person is either born into slavery or they can be enslaved by military conquest (Larkin, 2015). In the slavery system, social mobility is almost impossible. Because of this, it is extremely unlikely that a person would move from a position of slave to free citizen.
The second social stratification system is the caste system. This system is based solely on hereditary placement. A person is born into this stratification and must remain there until death. People in the caste system are expected to do everything within their specific caste. This includes working, living, and marriage. This system, in the past, has offered little to no social mobility in society. However, unlike in the past, this system is beginning to become more open and lose. This is something that has begun happening ...

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...cher, nurse, or caretaker, and men are most often doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Something that I also did not know was that despite the fact that men and women can have the same education, they are not paid equally. I found that men and women are not treated equally and do not receive the same opportunities that men do.
I found that white males have the most power. The reason I think this is, after looking at all the graphs and charts, I found that white men tended to receive the highest education and make the most amount of money. The white race as a whole had more advantages than the other races, but white women, without men, had almost one-third of their households below the poverty line with many just above who were still struggling. I found, even though society claims all races and genders are equal, that white males have the most advantages in the world.

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