Essay about Social Stratification Is The Hierarchal Organization Of Social Statuses

Essay about Social Stratification Is The Hierarchal Organization Of Social Statuses

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“Social Stratification is the hierarchal organization of social statuses.” Where certain people will have more power over themselves and sometimes others. This power can come from different social statuses, which is the position in a social network or relationship. With these statuses come certain behavior expectancy and role. Class is one of the social statuses that one can obtain, whether that class be upper class, middle class, working class, or the poverty level. Depending on which class you are in, can have a great influence on how you are treated within the criminal justice system.
These different classes try to differentiate social groups based on economic, social, and political resources. Those that are considered higher class are known to earn large annual income, control a large amount of the country’s wealth such as real estate, stocks and bonds, and live lifestyles that people envy. However, those of lower class are known to earn low annual income, own little to no property, show forms of behavior that is viewed as criminal like. Between the two spectrums the criminal j...

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